hgshowingH&G Horse Quarters’s lesson program is designed to build the necessary skills and confidence a rider needs to succeed in the show ring. We offer many opportunities for riders to compete and excel, whether at our won H & G Show Series, local rated shows, or USEF rated shows. We will help you decide which shows you, or your child, is ready to compete in and progress through the levels. If you do not own your own horse, H & G can provide you with a show mount to meet your goals and to further excel in the ring.

Schooling Shows

Schooling shows offer a great opportunity for H & G students who want to get a bit of the showing bug! This friendly atmosphere is a very positive environment for beginner show riders to learn the ropes of showing that is very cost effective.  At these shows, you can progress from walk/trot to 2’9″ jumping classes! These shows also enable more experienced riders the ability to gain more confidence and time in the show ring. These shows are a great way to start your showing career, or continue your progress through the levels of showing!

Local Shows

We compete mainly in GHJA local rated shows. Most of these shows require some traveling in the state of Alabama, Georgia, and/ or Florida for participation, except those held at H & G. Local shows are the next step up from schooling shows and require a little more commitment and time from the rider. These shows tend to be more expensive than schooling shows, because of traveling costs and hotels, but are still very reasonable. If you are interested in participating in these shows, it is highly encouraged to lease, or purchase a horse/pony to be more competitive in the show ring.

USEF Rated Shows

This type of showing is for the most committed rider, who is willing to compete against some of the best rider/horse combinations in the nation. Competition is extremely tough and thse shows can be very expensive. At this level of showing, the student needs to own his, or her, own show mount. This is the type of showing that will build a student’s resume for any NCAA equestrian athletic team.

2021 Show Calendar

1/9/21 & 1/16/21 H & G Clear Rounds & JP Jumpers Home AL
1/27/21 1/31/21 ATLANTA WINTER CLASSIC II Alpharetta GA
2/6/21 H & G Clear Rounds Auburn AL
2/13/21 H & G Clear Rounds Auburn AL
2/17/21 2/21/21 Venice Venice FL
2/25/21 2/28/21 WINTER FEST Fairburn GA
3/6/21 H & G Just Jumpers Auburn AL
3/12/21 3/14/21 AHJA KICKOFF at H&G Home AL
3/19/21 3/21/21 NSBA @ H&G Auburn AL
3/26/21 3/28/21 GHJA/ SHJG @ H&G Auburn AL
4/23/21 4/25/21 GHJA @ H&G Auburn AL
5/5/21 5/9/21 TRYON Tryon NC
5/14/21 5/16/21 SHJG @ H&G Auburn AL
6/9/21 6/13/21 PENSACOLA SUMMER CLASSIC I Pensacola FL
6/16/21 6/20/21 PENSACOLA SUMMER CLASSIC II Pensacola FL
7/14/21 7/18/21 OLD ATLANTA CLASSIC I Alpharetta GA
7/21/21 7/25/21 OLD ATLANTA CLASSIC II Alpharetta GA
8/13/21 8/15/21 GHJA/ SHJG @ H&G Auburn AL
8/19/21 8/22/21 GHJA/ SHJG @ H&G Auburn AL
8/26/21 8/29/21 ATLANTA SUMMERFEST III Fairburn GA
9/1/21 9/5/21 BILL RUSSELL MEMORIAL Alpharetta GA